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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 14

This week we bring you the massive Amazin' Avenue Audio minor league preview. To kick things off, Rob and Jeffrey discuss why 2012 1st round draft pick Gavin Cecchini is missing from the full-season ball rosters and pick their ones to watch at each affiliate. Next, St. Lucie catcher Cam Maron joins the show to discuss his Spring and the big arms he caught in Savannah next year. Then it's Toby Hyde's turn to talk about the 2013 Sand Gnats more in depth. Finally, we wrap it up with your e-mails, as is tradition. And yes, we know there is major league baseball to talk about, but this is what happens when you let two prospect guys host a podcast.

Jeffrey would like to apologize for being distracted during the first segment, but it was taped during Matt Harvey's start, know.

Run Time: 1:44:30


0:00: Guitar heroics.

1:35: Jeffrey has had half a beer and is sleepy.

2:23: Whiter Gavin Cecchini?

15:00: Thoughts on Wilmer Flores heading to Vegas and Jacob deGrom back in St. Lucie

19:00: Las Vegas is full of infielders.

21:47: Required Zack Wheeler and Travis d'Arnaud talk.

24:35: Are the Mets keeping certain pitchers out of Las Vegas?

26:45: How is the outfield going to shake out in Binghamton?

30:02: Who's your guy in Triple-A?

31:50: Jeffrey is excited to see Cory Vaughn, which is a combination of words he was not expecting to speak.

32:57: Stop comping Cory Vaughn to Scott Hairston

33:15: Rob likes Rafael Montero.

35:10: Montero and the Double-A test

36:32: Jeffrey has a shout-out for Jeff Walters

38:10: The St. Lucie rotation is exciting, you guys.


42:18: Rob reminds you not to forget about Aderlin Rodriguez

45:59: Jeffrey is fascinated by Gilbert Gomez, still.

48:00: Steven Matz's arm is alive and well and living in Savannah.

52:25: Cam Maron talks Spring Training, his goals, and Chipotle.

1:01:50: Toby Hyde is here to talk Sand Gnats and disagree with Jeffrey about Gabriel Ynoa.

1:28:00: E-mailz

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Don't forget to e-mail us questions at and tune in next week for some major league Mets talk.