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Mets Player Performance Meter: Pitchers, Week 1

The first weekly review of the Mets' pitching performance.


It's really early, but the Mets' pitching staff had one hell of a first week. Through six games, the team's 2.50 ERA is the third best in baseball, and its 3.02 FIP ranks fourth. The starting rotation has been great, and the bullpen hasn't been bad, either.

Here's how each individual on the staff performed over the first week of the season.

Player This Week Comment
Scott Atchison, RHP With very few strikeouts and zero walks, Atchison's been very effective in four appearances. Josh Edgin owes him a steak.
Greg Burke, RHP Outstanding peripherals (1.12 FIP) but poor results (6.75 ERA), which is basically what he did in spring training, too. Here's hoping the strikeouts and walks bring that ERA down quickly.
Josh Edgin, LHP He doesn't have a strikeout yet in 1.2 innings, and without Atchison's help, he would not be the owner of a 0.00 ERA.
Jeurys Familia, RHP His big league stint didn't last long after he issued a walk and allowed a hit and a run while recording just one out in his lone appearance. He'll try to improve in Vegas.
Dillon Gee, RHP The process was bad — 4 strikeouts and 3 walks in 6.1 innings — but the results were fine for Gee, who's looking to improve upon his shortened 2012 season.
Matt Harvey, RHP Harvey's 10-strikeout, 2-walk start was about as good as it gets.
LaTroy Hawkins, RHP It's easy to look at Hawkins's early work and write him off, but he's gotten by with his style of pitching more often than not for the last few years. The Mets are fine giving him more time to prove himself this year.
Jeremy Hefner, RHP In six innings, Hefner gave up five hits and just one run. He's certainly the preferred substitute rotation member for the time being.
Aaron Laffey, LHP The Mets were lucky, to say the least, to win the game after Laffey's start, which included 10 hits in just 4.1 innings.
Brandon Lyon, RHP Coming off a season in which his strikeout rate was uncharacteristically high, Lyon struck out three in his first two-and-a-third as a Met.
Jon Niese, LHP With each Matt Harvey start generating a ton of hype, Niese might fly under the radar for a while. His first two starts were excellent, though.
Bobby Parnell, RHP With just two appearances so far, Parnell's seen the least work of anyone in the bullpen. He's looked okay so far, at least.
Scott Rice, LHP He made his big league debut in the Opening Day rout of the Padres, but he's also been effective since then in bigger spots. Good story if he can stick around.