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Mets Player Performance Meter: Position Players, Week 6

It was an awful week at the plate for the Mets.

Mike Stobe

Given the way the Mets have struggled to score runs lately, it wouldn't be surprising if they had dropped to the bottom of the National League in scoring by now. But six weeks into the season, their 4.44 runs per game still rank 5th in the league, slightly behind the St. Louis Cardinals and ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers. The league average thus far is 4.08 runs per game.

The Mets' .303 wOBA on the season is poor and ranks 11th in the National League, which is better than just the Padres, Phillies, Nationals, and Marlins. If that sounds surprising, the Mets' 38 home runs rank 7th in the league, which helps mitigate the team's atrocious .304 OBP.

Here's how the hitters did over the past week.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Mike Baxter, OF Mike from Whitestone didn't play much, but he had two walk-off hits. Thank goodness.
Andrew Brown, OF He was one of the Mets' capable hitters this week at .250/.357/.500.
John Buck, C Buck's .255 OPS on the week was lower than Justin Turner's batting average.
Marlon Byrd, OF When he played, Byrd was, surprisingly, the word.
Ike Davis, 1B Maybe he'll turn into a major league hitter in June again this year.
Lucas Duda, OF The components of Duda's .555 OPS were a .111 OBP and .444 SLG. You don't see that every week.
Juan Lagares, OF His bobble-catch was pretty great, but he didn't hit at all.
Daniel Murphy, 2B Ugh.
Anthony Recker, C Home runs the best. Or in this case, a single home run in one game played.
Ruben Tejada, SS Yuck.
Justin Turner, IF He only hit singles and drew walks, but Turner's .762 OPS was acceptable.
Jordany Valdespin, OF Even in small samples, Valdespin always seems to find a way to put up a sub-.300 OBP. This week, it was .286, but he slugged .667 thanks in large part to another home run.
David Wright, 3B Well, it was his first bad week of the year, and he still posted a .375 OBP. The bar's a bit higher for Wright than the rest of these guys.