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Mets Morning News: ¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto!!

In which the Mets find another way to lose a baseball game, the rest of the NL East keeps pace, and Clayton Kershaw takes me to my happy place.

No, Mr. Met, you have so much to live for!
No, Mr. Met, you have so much to live for!

Meet the Mets


Of course, we can't just start the day with the recap of another Rube Goldbergian Mets loss and move onto happier stuff, because there is still more JV1gate to cover. Terry Collins regrets saying what he was really thinking out loud, and Ken Davidoff compares Fred Wilpon to Emperor Nero. I guess that makes us all Antistius and Howard Megdal, Fabricius Veiento? (with the site outages, plenty of time for me to surf wikipedia this morning).

Really starting to worry about Jason Fry, you guys.

Okay, some good news. Zack Wheeler was checked out in New York yesterday and was diagnosed with just a bit of inflammation. He should only miss the one start.

And Jon Niese has been practicing his delivery in a mirror. Well, that used to work for me when I was 13, so why not?

Yesterday at AA

Speaking of Niese, Ari Berkowitz took a look at his wandering arm slot this year.

And David Moseder remembered Pat Mahomes Mets' debut. Because someone had to.

Progamming Note for CT Readers: I'll be in New Britain Monday for the B-Mets tilt with the Rock Cats. Rafael Montero is scheduled to take the hill and I'm planning a meet-up called "Montero and Margaritas," where we watch Montero pitch and then get margaritas afterwards, because being a Mets fan requires alcohol at times. If you are interested, let me know.

Around the NL East

If it makes you feel any better, Cole Hamels continued his 2013 struggles last night, as the Phills got pounded by the Indians. I think Cole will be all right though. As the Phillies continue to scuffle, The Good Phight wonders if Chase Utley might be on the market.

And in more bad news for Philadelphia, reliever Mike Adams might be headed to the DL.

The Braves fell again in Arizona, as Tim Hudson got knocked around a bit. So I guess the good news is that no one's running away with the NL East, you guys.

The Braves offense is probably going to continue to be abit up-and-down too, on account of all those strikeouts.

Surprise, surprise: The Nationals offense did not find the cure for what ails them facing a returning Zack Greinke.

And completing the NL East's 0-fer, the Marlins were downed 4-0 by the Reds.

Also at Fish Stripes, Michael Jong tries to figure out where Ricky Nolasco's strikeouts went. Well, I wouldn't spend too much time on that, since he's probably gone before the trading deadline.

Around MLB

Here's all of last night's action on one handy scoreboard. Of particular note, position player on the mound in the Bronx!

Really looking forward to the next decade of NL Cy Young battles between Kershaw and Harvey.

Not looking forward to finding out what's up with David Price's strained tricep though.