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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 20

Hooo boy, settle in young Mets fans, pour yourself a refreshing beverage, take your shoes off, and carve out some time to listen to Rob's three-point plan to salvage the 2013 Mets season. Then hear Jeffrey argue that maybe the Mets shouldn't try too hard to play .500 ball the rest of the way. After that, FanGraphs' Carson Cistulli joins the podcast to talk Harvey GIFs, Wilmer Flores, and Werner Herzog. Finally, we get lost down a baseball-reference rabbit hole while answering your e-mails. And after all that, somehow it will be two hours and fifteen minutes later, and you will be well into your fourth drink. Love the Mets #Love the Mets.

Run Time: 2:16:15

(I'm sorry you guys)


0:00- 8:50: Intro / HoJo edition / We haven't watched much Mets baseball / Jeffrey still hates Sterling and Waldman / Jeffrey has a system, and his system, he likes his system

8:50- 29:00: The Mets aren't even bothering to tease us with a good first half this year / The current roster isn't really full of bounce back candidates either / But Rob has a plan / Rick Ankiel was not in too many AAOPs this past offseason / Wheeler and d'Arnaud: The Amazin' Avenue Audio solution for everything / Time to demote Ike Davis? / Other bullpen options / Rob lobbies for Lutz, shockingly

29:00- 49:22: Should the Mets just be bad in 2013? / The problems with being the Astros / The benefits of having a Top 10 pick in the 2014 draft / The 2013 Mets finally drive Rob to profanity on the podcast / How can the Mets be better in 2014? / Selfish Beltran is playing well enough he might get a qualifying offer / Eric is probably more annoyed Jeffrey said "irregardless" than that Rob swore / The clock is ticking for Sandy Alderson

49:22- 1:44:38: Carson Cistulli of FanGraphs joins the show / Matt Harvey GIFs / What makes a good GIF / A brief digression on Warner Herzog and Klaus Kinski / Jeffrey went to a weird hippy college / Wilmer Flores and the Fringe Five / How do you value guys that you know will play in the majors / Jeffrey talks about Rafael Montero again

1:44:38- 2:16:15: E-mail time / Update on d'Arnaud / TRAID possibilities/ The podcast falls down a baseball-reference rabbit hole / Swindling Dayton Moore / Join Jeffrey for Montero and Margaritas in New Britain on Monday / Outro

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Don't forget to e-mail us Mets questions or Amazin' Avenue shirt designs at and tune in next week when we promise to keep it under two hours, because no one wants this ever again.