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Final Score: Mets 4, Cubs 3 — Call it a comeback

Dillon Gee had a reasonably good outing, and some unexpected power put the Mets in the win column.

not a bad time to break your duck, Juan
not a bad time to break your duck, Juan
Brian Kersey

The Mets won Sunday afternoon after home runs by Juan Lagares and Daniel Murphy erased a late deficit, and kept Dillon Gee from picking up a loss he probably didn't really deserve. Gee made it into the sixth inning, and the bullpen was perfect after his departure, helping to seal the win.

Coming off his blood clot from 2012, Gee hasn't been great this year, particularly on the road. This is his first game away from New York all season in which he made it out of the fourth inning, and also in which he's given up fewer than four runs. He certainly wasn't spectacular, but he had six strikeouts in five innings while walking only one, which I choose to take as encouraging signs. I also choose to overlook the eight hits, because I can do that.

Gee left the game down 3-1, after giving up a home run to opposite number Travis Wood. The very next inning the Mets offense sprung to life, such as it is. With two outs Ruben Tejada hit a single to keep the inning alive, and Lagares followed up immediately with his first career home run, tying the game. After a perfect bottom of the 7th from Scott Rice, Murphy led off the 8th with a go-ahead home run, and the Mets couldn't be caught from there as the bullpen somehow mowed down every Cub batter they faced.

Wins are more fun than losses, and hopefully there will be more effectiveness from Gee in future starts (rather than the alternative). And hopefully Scott Rice's arm won't fall off.

Game Thread Roll Call

Nice job by MetsFan4Decades; her effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

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