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Mets Morning News: As JV1 goes, so go the Mets

In which Jordany Valdespin is the man, we all laugh at the Phillies, and Stephen Strasburg's "structurally perfect" arm seems to be okay.

I smell buddy comedy...
I smell buddy comedy...

Meet the Mets

I really couldn't put it any better than Joshua Ryan did on this very site yesterday, so yes, the Mets managed to not get swept by an expansion team, huzzah. It took a good game from David Wright and some Jordany Valdespin heroics, but the Mets salvaged the last game of three at Marlins Park. You know, salvaged is probably too strong a word.

Bobby Parnell pitched a scoreless ninth to notch the save a day after he and Terry Collins got into a spat over his sitting out Tuesday night's walk-off loss. Hmm, Parnell is showing the closer mentality to go with that closer beard. He is getting quite close to proven closerdom.

As usual, Greg Prince (and his headline) perfectly sums up the Mets fan viewing experience yesterday.

Another nice thing about yesterday's game: Justin Turner was not starting in the outfield. That may not continue to be the case though.

Mark Simon wraps up the Mets/Marlins series with another edition of his 'Met'rics, which thankfully are mostly about JV1 and less about back-to-back walk-off losses.

Zack Wheeler was the lead story in yesterday's Baseball America Prospect Notebook, as he righted the ship in Reno, but Terry Collins was not too pleased with the prospect's recent excuse-making.

Speaking of Collins, rumors of his impending demise have perhaps been greatly exaggerated.

And wrapping up our Mets news, Carson Cistulli named a Mets prospect in Vegas to his Fringe Five. No, not that Mets prospect in Vegas. And yes, I already complained to him about that omission.

Yesterday at AA

Ben Berkon kicked off his two-part series on what the Mets should do with Daniel Murphy.

Yesterday in Mets History featured some well-pitched games. David Moseder had the scoop.

And Rob Castellano wondered how much longer the Mets can keep playing Ike Davis. Well as luck would have it, the Mets have a pretty good first baseman in Triple-A batting .333/.471/.556 against southpaws right now. So HAIL and whatnot.

Around the NL East

Check out Fish Stripes for a more Marlins-centric take on yesterday's game.

Or if you prefer you can commiserate with the Phillies. Yes, yes, oh let me taste your tears, Good Phight.

Also from our SBNation cousin, a look at what Phillies players may reach some major milestones in 2013. Too bad they didn't keep Shane Victorino, as he was quickly approaching the record for douchey plays in a Phillies uniform. Also, most lawn darts.

The Nationals finally beat the Braves in 2013, behind a strong outing from the perpetually underrated Jordan Zimmerman. Both Talking Chop and Federal Baseball had some thoughts.

Bryce Harper left yesterday's game early after crashing into the outfield wall. He joins Stephen Strasburg and Jayson Werth as important Nationals with recent bumps or bruises. Though it looks like Strasburg's "structurally perfect" arm will be ready to go this weekend.

Around MLB

Here's yesterday's scoreboard for your viewing convenience.

I'm really enjoying Eno's series over at FanGraphs where he takes a sabermetric bent to his interviews with players. Mark Trumbo is his most recent subject.

The Mariners are in a bit of a pickle right now. I guess the Jack Z story is the cautionary tale for a fanbase overly excited about a new, saber-friendly GM with a five-year plan. Baseballs can bounce in strange ways too.