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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 18

Poooooodddddddcast! Pooooodddddcast! Yes, it's episode 18, the Darryl Strawberry edition. Jeffrey has his good mic back, but unfortunately he has to use it to talk the bad Marlins series with Mike Donato. They also touch on what's up with Zack Wheeler, and whether Jordany Valdespin's clubhouse reputation should matter to Mets fans. Next, Rob Castellano interviews Mets pitching prospect Adam Kolarek about his whirlwind week in Las Vegas. Finally, we wrap up with your e-mails about the glut of major league outfielders, timetables for some Savannah prospects, and the definitive version of "Meet the Mets."

Run Time: 1:25:06


0:00-2:20: Introduction / Apologies for last week's audio

2:20- 16:51: Worst Mets games ever / Warning: Discussion of Game 162, 2007 / Worst games we attended live

16:51- 28:42: Are the 2013 Mets a bad baseball team? / Evaluating Ike Davis going forward / Who's overperforming/underperforming?

28:42- 36:45: Zack Wheeler is alive and living in Vegas / Has the timetable changed? / Why was everyone so worried?

36:45- 46:05 How should Mets fans feel about JV1 / Jeffrey's perspective is skewed here / All 20-year-olds are dickheads / Valdespin vs. Lastings Milledge

46:05- 1:01:35: Rob interviews the B-Mets Adam Kolarek

1:01:35- 1:25:06: E-mails / Six outfielders? / Savannah prospects / Definitive "Meet the Mets version / Somebody needs to call Yo La Tengo though / Citi Field music talk / Outroduction

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Don't forget to e-mail us questions at and tune in next week for potentially less depressing Mets talk on Episode 19 of Amazin' Avenue Audio.