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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 21

We put the episode designation in your hands this week, gentle listener. Episode 21 is either the Kevin Elster edition or the Bill Pulsipher edition. What we did not put in your hands in the running time. So what's in this week's podcast? Well, what isn't in this week's podcast. Rob and Jeffrey discuss the fate of Ike Davis, and profile some of the other suitors for the first base job. And Jeffrey plays devil's advocate and suggests extending Ike Davis and Ruben Tejada. We also talk B-Mets, as Jeffrey got second looks at a lot of interesting Mets propects in New Britain. Next, Josh Smolow joins the show and brings the PitchFx geekery. We discuss how Harvey is getting it done, and if there's something in the data that points to what has gone wrong for Jon Niese in 2013. Then it's your e-mails. the segment immediately goes off the rails because someone asks a Josh Satin question, but there's also injury updates, a closer look at Wilmer Flores, and some analysis of a potential Carlos Gonzalez trade before we mercifully wrap things up just as Rob's power goes out. It was probably an omen.

Run Time: 2:52:27


0:00- 9:12: Intro / Feelin' kind of blue / Bill Pulsiper or Kevin Elster? / Agenda

9:12- 39:14: What to do with Ike Davis? / Is 2013 for competition or evaluation now? / It's gotten so bad, Rob thinks Eric Campbell might get called up / Jeffrey does not have lobby / Is Davis the long term answer at first base? / The problem with moving Duda to first / Buying very, very low / Projecting Ruben Tejada / When does Ike go down?

39:14- 1:07:53: Adventures in Prospectsitting / Lessons learned in New Britain / Always pay for premium parking when you are running late to the stadium / Logan Verrett and what is possible / Jack Leathersich and major league stuff / Cesar Puello and who are you facing / Jacob deGrom and scouting the box score / Chase Huchingson and the prospect grind / Rob and Jeffrey get sappy

1:07:53- 1:48:10: PitchFx talk with Josh Smolow / Matt Harvey: How does he work / ICYMI, Matt Harvey has a really good fastball / Matt Harvey shoves it against lefties / Jeffrey and Josh argue about Harvey's change-up / Three problems with Jon Niese / Josh is not the biggest Dan Warthen fan

1:48:10- 2:52:27 Housekeeping and e-mails / Jeffrey immeditely sidedrains the segment by talking about his search for a Korean Jae Weong Seo jersey and a Yusmeiro Petit bobblehead / Prospect injury updates / So where is Luis Mateo anyway? / More from Rob on Wilmer Flores / Wilmer Flores is Danny Valencia? / Randy's report from Omaha / Apologies to Meredith / If you are wondering where the podcast goes off the rails, it's right about here / Jeffrey goes on a looooong Josh Satin monologue / TRAIDing for Carlos Gonzalez / We don't get the Rockies / Jeffrey's not sold on Shin Soo Choo / TRAIDing John Buck / "Uh, this is becoming an utter train wreck" / We got jokes / Cat Latos / Who does Zack Wheeler replace in the Mets rotation / Rob's power goes out so Jeffrey just wraps up the show

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Next week is our Rule 4 draft preview, so feel free to e-mail us draft questions at and tune in to see if we can break the three hour mark.