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Mets Morning News: We Like Ike?

In which Ike Davis buys himself another week, Zach Lutz does Zach Lutz things, and Munenori Kawasaki goes viral.

Al Bello

Meet the Mets

Despite the ESPN booth's best efforts to convince you that #RIP2013Mets is more than just a sarcastic hashtag, the Metropolitan baseball club proved that, on occasion, they can storm back from a one-run deficit. Ike Davis bought himself some more rope with a key tie-breaking single in the eighth, and Shaun Marcum posted double-digit strikeouts. Just the way they drew it up in March. No, really.

Another reason Ike Davis may be able to spend another week living high off the hog on the major league per diem, is that yesterday Zach Lutz did what Zach Lutz does best. That leaves Wilmer Flores and Josh Satin as the only viable short-term first basemen should the Mets still elect to send Davis down at some point in the near-future.

Perhaps the Mets might look for a first baseman in this year's Rule 4 draft? Toby Hyde takes a look at what the mock drafters are saying over at Mets Minor League Blog.

In all likelihood, Zack Wheeler will be Flushing-bound in a few weeks, but when he gets here, he will be limited to around 180 innings. This isn't too surprising, as the Mets have been wary of jumping their prospect arms more than 30-40 innings year over year. Daily Stache looks at Wheeler's potential impact on the major league club.

Seriously you guys, I am starting to worry about the Faith and Fear guys.

Yesterday at AA

Rob Castellano considered the fate of the struggling Dillon Gee.

And Brock Mahan reminded us that the Mets almost had a new minority owner once upon a time.

Around the NL East

The Nationals trounced the Phillies 6-1 with a little bit of help from Michael Young. Rumors of Stephen Strasburg's demise may have been greatly exaggerated, while Cole Hamels is once again forced to retreat to his happy place. Check out the recaps from the winners and losers.

The Miami Marlins apparently continue to play baseball games. And I continue to write about what happened in them. They lost. But who is the real loser in this scenario?

Talking Chop posted Part One of their interview with Alex Cora. I assume Part Two is coming, and if he talks for long enough, a third, vesting part.

Around MLB

Here's all of Sunday's action in one handy dandy scoreboard. Of particular note: Munenori Kawasaki's post-game interview and bees invading Kauffman Stadium.

You're not exactly busting any sabermetric stereotypes here, Theo.

A couple of ex-Mets will be spending some time in the trainer's room.

Bobby Neyer takes a closer look at Jeff Nelson's totally fine umpiring at first base.

And Jeff Sullivan once again brings you the week's worst in pitches and swings.