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Final Score: Braves 9, Mets 4 — An ugly game at Turner Field results in Mets loss

The Mets leave Atlanta having split the two games they played there this weekend.


Neither Jon Niese nor the Mets' defense was sharp in Atlanta this afternoon as the Mets lost 9-4 to the division rival Braves. The game went off the rails early, with Atlanta scoring five runs in the third inning. The Mets made several defensive miscues in the frame, though none were officially scored errors.

David Wright put the Mets on the board in the fourth with a two-run home run against Tim Hudson, but Atlanta put two more on the board in the fifth, both of which were charged to Niese, who threw four-plus innings, struck out three, walked six, and was charged with seven runs.

Each team scored two more runs before the game ended, but the Mets' pair came in the eighth inning, which ended with a Marlon Byrd strikeout with the bases loaded.

Game Thread Roll Call

Nice job by Steve Sypa; his effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

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