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This Week In Mets Tweets

A new serial that recaps the best in all things Mets Twitter.

Wait, they made an Iron Man 3?

In case you didn't hear, Disney burned approximately three bazillion dollars marketing this thing. Iron Man 3 thermos anyone?

Captain Kirk is alive and well


This week in @Jay_HorwitzPR

I'm hot and cold with Mets PR Director Jay Horwitz, but I must admit he has been pretty humorous on Twitter since joining a couple months back. Here, he sheds some light on the spoils of winning the NL Pitcher of the Month award:

Gonna be honest: I think that is the single coolest watch I've ever seen.

The last great Mets third baseman is coming back to Queens:

Here's an interesting one:

Like Mr. Horwitz says, look at some of those names. Now that's a lineup with some cachet. Remember when Brian Daubach played for the Mets? For the record, the Mets won this one by the score of 5 to 3 on the strength of six strong innings from Pedro and a 2-run triple from Jose; ah the good oldCatch days...

Nitpicking with TWIMT(?)

During last Friday's comeback win against Craig Kimbrel and the Braves:

Dwight? Hmm, OK I think I know what they meant:


That John Denver's Really Full of Shit

Dumb and Dumber references will always get a nod of approval as long as I'm in charge.

Then Mr. Alderson got in on the fun:

Pie Man

Our own James Kannengeiser concurred with Turner's sentiments. As did Mets strength coach, Jim Malone (an endless source of motivational quotes):

...and Dillon Gee:

Man, @redturn2 wasn't kidding:

Minor League Bromance

Syndergaard on spring training:

"I kind of wish Nimmo was with us here in St. Lucie. I kind of miss him. He and I really hit it off. We were really good friends."

Aww. Budding minor league three-way bromance, y'all #steakforthree. Noah Syndergaard later tweeted this pic:

If you know what Michael Fulmer looks like, it's pretty hilarious that random uniform template man is a spitting image.

Korean Air

Just hilarious. For the record the 38-year-old Tatis ended up back-peddling on the exact verbiage of this tweet after getting some flak from the Korean Twitter crowd.

To this date, it's still crazy that that happened. Seriously, Davey Johnson just left Chan Ho out to dry.

Random Retirement Tweet

Pretty unexpected considering the 20-year-old 2011 10th rounder out of Irvine, CA posted a sub-one ERA in 12 relief appearances for Kingsport in 2012.

Tweet of the Week

Last, but certainly not least, join in on the fun using the Internet's most comprehensive list of Mets on Twitter.