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Mets Morning News: Come on, you never get out of Turner Field without some horrible reckoning

In which Atlanta is still the worst, Domingo Tapia is still the best, and Manny is still Manny.

Hate you, Turner Field
Hate you, Turner Field
Scott Cunningham

Meet the Mets

What? You thought the Mets would get out of Turner Field without a soul-crushing loss? You must be new here. Jon Niese continued to struggle with walks, and the defense continued to struggle with putouts, and the Mets head back home having split their shortened series with the Barves. Could be worse I guess.

All these postponements have affected the team's play. I don't know Terry, I think anytime you say something like that, it sounds like you are making an excuse.

The Mets missing game with the Braves will be made up as part of a doubleheader next month, so the Mets won't have to wait too long for another opportunity to have another horrorshow game at Turner Field.

The big Mets may have laid an egg, but the St. Lucie Mets won their contest behind six strong innings from Domingo Tapia.

And Greg Prince will be reading from The Happiest Recap this Thursday. You should go and check it out if you have time.

Yesterday at AA

Brock Mahan reminisced about Mike Piazza breaking the catcher home run record. Hmm, seems like a guy like that should really be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Amazin' Avenue Audio Programming Note: On last week's show we asked for your suggestions for new songs to be played at Citi during the seventh inning stretch and after Mets wins. There's still time to send in your suggestions to Or you can send any general questions for the podcast there as well.

Around the NL East

Again, I don't know why you'd want to read it, but Talking Chop also has a recap of yesterday's game. They'd also like to let you know that Brian McCann is on his way back. Surely the competition for playing time between Evan Gattis and McCann will be on of the most compelling subzzzzzzzzz.

I don't take all that much pleasure in the continuing demise of Roy Halladay, but since his issues correlate with the Phillies losing, I am a bit torn.

Bill Baer also has a requiem for Roy over at Crashburn Alley, as well as a sad reminder that on a long enough timeline everyone's periphreals inevitably fall apart.

The Nationals took two of three from the possibly-now-relevant-and-competitive-but-probably-not Pirates. They did it without Bryce Harper, who fell victim to the dreaded #umpshow.

Around MLB

Get caught up on all of Sunday's action with this handy dandy scoreboard. Of special note, Yu freaking Darvish.

Beyond the Box Score knows the way to my heart. (1) Post article about pitchers with fringy fastball velocity. (2) Lead said article with a photo of Tomaso Milone.

Nice to see that Ted Berg hasn't become a sell out in his new high-profile gig.

Over at FanGraphs, Mike Newman wonders who will be the next #1 prospect in baseball. So I'll throw this out to the commentariat: Who will be the Mets #1 prospect next year? Noah Syndergaard has the inside track, but maybe you see a dark horse candidate emerging?

Rob Neyer wonders why the Baseball Hall of Fame is sending out surveys about steroids in the first place.

Manny continues to be Manny, even in Taiwan.

And Jake Odorizzi and the Durham pen combined for a rare International League no-hitter.