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This Week In Mets Quotes: Terry Collins is pissed off, the weather hasn't been good to the Mets, and Matt Harvey will be at the Garden tonight

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—over the past week. Here are some of our favorites.

Jason Arnold

We’re right there with you

"I'm pissed off. I'm extremely pissed off." Terry Collins [ESPN]

The problem is the weather…

"In Minnesota we were playing good baseball. We get some weather. It kind of breaks the momentum a little bit. The same thing here. It seems like we have one of the better wins this year and then weather kind of breaks up the momentum again. That's life. That's baseball. We've got to find a way to regain that momentum." David Wright [ESPN]

…too much weather

"You try to keep them as prepared as you can... I don't like it. That's one of the issues we've talked about. We talked about it on the road trip in Colorado. This game is about routines and repetitions. When you get these guys out of these routines and their reps, it's a problem." Terry Collins [ESPN]

Probably best to sticking to not expanding the zone for now

"Today is one of those outings that I just want to forget about. I walked way too many guys. It's embarrassing. I know what I have to work. In the bullpens, I'm going to work on pounding the zone and throwing strikes. I've just got to learn from it -- know when to expand the zone and when not to." Jon Niese [ESPN]

Seriously, everyone needs to stop expanding the zone

"Not really. I feel good. I just have got to quit walking people. When I'm getting ahead, I've got to put the guys away. I will give Francisco credit. He did a good job of battling there. When he got that RBI single, he fouled some pitches off. And then I left one up and he hit it. But, for the most part, I just have to locate better, keep the ball down in the zone and quit walking guys." Shaun Marcum [ESPN]

Whoa, not having Ike hit against a lefty actually worked of well, what a surprise

"I thought I was going to hit, and then they brought in the lefty and Terry [Collins] decided to make the move, which it actually worked out. So you've got to just do whatever your skipper wants." Ike Davis [ESPN]

My body feels the same way about extra rest

"It's kind of an unfortunate thing that happens. You've got to deal with it. It's an adjustment. It's definitely not the first time that I've gone seven or eight days without pitching. This goes back to last year when we kind of had that situation when the innings limit was coming around. Seven or eight days was happening quite often. ... Last year with extra rest I didn't feel I had any trouble with command. My body feels extra rest is extra good." Matt Harvey [ESPN]

If Harvey can play point on the power play, I’m excited as well

"I'll be there. They're all right. Get some wins back at the Garden. They'll be fine. ... I heard from the Rangers. They're excited to have me back." Matt Harvey [ESPN]

Nothing to see here just some clichéd sports analysis…wait supported by actual data…we did it you guys

"A lot of times he wants to see what the pitcher’s got. I totally understand that. But once you get into the game, in the at-bat, and there’s guys in scoring position, and that guy lays a good pitch there, I want guys to be able to do some damage on it -- especially a guy like him that can hit the ball out of the ballpark. You don’t want to change a guy’s approach too much, but there’s certain times -- his swing percentage on first pitch is like seven percent or something -- I’d like to see him swing." Dave Hudgens []

Sandy from Willets Point, you’re on the FAN

"There’s a lot of the season left to play out. I do think perceptions are heightened when you go into Miami, a place everybody thinks every team should sweep ... and you end up losing two games, and you lose them basically with no offense the first two nights. But you move forward." Sandy Alderson [New York Post]

Valdespin just wins games

"You don’t win the game just hitting homers. You win the game stealing the base. A lot of things you’ve got to do to win the game. … That’s my game -- stealing the bases, putting pressure on the other team." Jordany Valdespin [ESPN]

Wright should just hit with his eyes closed every at bat

"I had my eyes closed. I don’t know. I think it was a fastball. He throws so hard that he supplies the power. You’ve just got to try to in your mind slow it down a little bit and try to meet it. Because when he’s throwing 97, 98 and you can just make contact, a lot of times he provides the power and the work for you." David Wright [ESPN]

Then I said, ‘Well, maybe’ and then he was like ‘oh come on, I’m playing’ and I was ‘uh-huh?’ and he got all mad

"[Wright] came in yesterday and told me he wanted to play I said, ‘Let’s just see how you are in a little while.’ He said, ‘Well, I’m going to get treatment, but I want to play.’ He said, ‘I’ve got to be in the lineup. We’re going through a tough time, and this is when I need to be in there." Terry Collins [ESPN]