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Baseball-Reference Rolls Out Minor League Splits

Baseball-Reference adds gamelogs and splits to minor league player pages


After reading Rob Castellano’s post about Ike Davis’s latest struggles and engaging in the comments, I started thinking about who could be the other half of a first base platoon with Ike. A quick scan of the major league roster and it was clear I had to search elsewhere. Looking over the Las Vegas roster, I saw a couple of intriguing options, namely Andrew Brown and Josh Satin. However, since this is a platoon-mate we’re looking for, I needed more information. Specifically, how do these guys hit lefties? Unfortunately, this level of information was nowhere to be found. I was frustrated, so I did what any normal person would do and tweeted about it.

Well, it seems one of my fifteen or so followers noticed because last week Baseball-Reference rolled out minor league splits and gamelogs going back as far as 2008. Curious how Andrew Brown has fared against left-handed pitching? Here you go. Josh Satin? Right here. Want to see evidence of Jack Leathersich’s reverse platoon split? How severe is Brandon Nimmo’s platoon split? Hint: pretty severe.

In addition to handedness splits, they've added home/road splits, monthly splits, a split that tells you how they've done versus younger and older players, and also a "clutch" split for the ever useful two out and runners in scoring position.

Beware -- this is like falling down a rabbit hole -- so your productivity might take a hit. Make sure you clear your schedule before diving in. It’s a treasure chest of data and will only help elevate the conversation when it comes to prospecting.