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Mets Morning News: HARVERY! HARVERY!

In which we solemnly observe Matt Harvey day. Oh, who are we kidding? Wooooooooooooooo!


Meet the Mets

Yesterday, the Mets had another of their ninety-seven off days, but no big deal, because today is HARVEY DAY! Harvey hasn't pitched in a full week due to rain and scheduled days off, but the Mets ace isn't particularly concerned.

The fake Fernando Tatis on Twitter has always confused me. It's an awfully specific parody, and not a particularly believable one. Especially now that he has embarked on a career in the fine arts.

This is probably news to none of you, but the Mets defense this year hasn't been very good. Mark Simon has the data on just how not good they've been.

Mets Minors Round-up: Brandon Nimmo is making adjustments, the Cyclones are switching to field turf at MCU Park in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and the B-Mets are in Trenton this week. If you are a Jersey native, or don't mind a trek across the GW, Rafael Montero goes tonight for the B-Mets.

Yesterday at AA

Rob Castellano, who I believe is the one writer for this site not on twitter, collected the best Mets tweets of recent vintage. Rob also riffed on Ben Berkon's recent series of posts on Daniel Murphy to suggest a Murph/Gerardo Parra swap.

Chris McShane brought you your weekly dose of Meter Avenue with performance meters for both the position players and the pitchers.

Brock Mahan celebrated Willie Mays' birthday.

And Joe Sokolowski compiled the week in Mets quotes.

Around the NL East

Fresh off losing two of three four to the Marlins, the Phillies headed out west and stomped the first place Giants. That's baseball, Susan.

Otherwise, the Phillies blogosphere is busy gnashing their teeth and rending their garments over Roy Halladay's shoulder woes. Zoo with Roy is taking it especially hard, while The Good Phight looks at what's next.

Of course the real issue in Philly might be a GM that can only state the obvious.

Like the Mets, the Nationals were off yesterday in prelude to an interleague tussle. The Nats will be taking on the red-hot Detroit Tigers, and Federal Baseball has a short preview. The Detroit staff will be a tough test for the floundering Nats bats.

Andrelton Simmons hit two home runs to power the Barves past the Reds. Simmons performance thus far is kind of amazing, coinsidering he had almost no experience above A-ball when he was called up last year. If he can even be decent with the stick, he'll be an Andrus-like talent. Stupid Barves.

And the Marlins went back to Marlinsing, falling 5-0 to the woeful Padres. It's not all bad though.

Around MLB

Once again, here is last night's scoreboard for your perusal.

Grant Brisbee wonders where Adrian Gonzalez's power has gone.

Beyond the Box Score features a picture of R.A. Dickey doing something awesome probably in their piece on pitcher hitting.

Former Mets prospect Phil Humber might lose his spot in the Astros rotation, so you know things aren't going well for him.

And finally, Wendy Thurm takes a look at the lagging interleague attendance numbers from April.