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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 19

This is the Screamin' Bobby O edition of the podcast, but it should probably be the Matt Harvey edition. In fact all future episodes should be the Matt Harvey edition. Anyway, when Jeffrey is not interrupting Rob with intensely erotic remarks about Matt Harvey's stuff, they discuss why everyone needs to let Duda be Duda, why the Mets bullpen just isn't working out again, and preview potential prospect promotions in the coming weeks. Then, an in-depth discussion of Zack Wheeler's mechanics and injury risk with an assist from Amazin' Avenue Rule 4 draftnik Alex Nelson. And finally, we answer all your e-mails, and Jeffrey publicly apologizes to Yo La Tengo.

Run Time: 1:20:57


0:00- 4:18: Intro / Screamin' Bobby O Edition / Maybe ask the clubhouse guy not to give you #19 / The rundown

4:18- 25:23: Duda's Approach, What is it good for? / Lots of things, but specifically not making outs / Why are people complaining exactly? / Failures of imagination / Where should Duda bat? / Harvey interlude #1

25:23- 39:57: Bullpen woes / A look back at the 2006 pen / Trust the process / Cheap and internal is good / Future internal bullpen options / If you want relievers, don't draft relievers

39:57- 52:11: Minor league promotions / Some Matt Bowman thoughts / Who's next? / More Rafael Montero talk / Harvey interlude #2 / Massaging the rotation through the upcoming schedule crunch / Harvey interlude #3

52:11- 1:20:57- E-mails / Wheeler, the inverted W, and you / All pitchers are injury risks / Alex Nelson chimes in / More Citi Field music talk / Jeffrey apologizes to Yo La Tengo / Misleading e-mails about Corey Hart / John Buck's mask / Jeffrey and Rob are making shirts / Outro

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Don't forget to e-mail us Mets questions or Amazin' Avenue shirt designs at and tune in next week when Jeffrey promises he'll still be wearing pants, even if Matt Harvey is pitching.