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Mets Morning News: Uh, just three more days until Harvey day?

In which we mostly link to more Matt Harvey stuff, Marlins Park becomes MarLOLins Park, and there are more calls for robot umps.

Mike Stobe

Meet the Mets

The Mets couldn't figure out the mysteries of Jake Peavey last night and the White Sox salvaged a split of their brief interleague series. You can't have Matt Harvey pitch every day, I guess. Jeremy Hefner was the victim of a bunch of bloops (and one blast), but has been all right his last three starts. All right might not be enough to hold off Zack Wheeler though.

With the unimportant stuff out of the way, let's head straight to the monkey and talk about Matt Harvey GIFs! Grant Brisbee was nice enough to capture every single one of Matt Harvey's swinging strikes. And FanGraphs gives Matt Harvey the Yu Darvish treatment. Of particular note, check out the arm slot and release point on the fastball/slider GIF. That's just scary. And also unfair.

As Howard Megdal notes, the craziest thing about Marr Harvey's start on Tuesday is that no one was really all that surprised. Also not surprising, days when Matt Harvey doesn't pitch are not as fun as days when he does.

Jason Fry got to see Citi Field from multiple vantage points last night. Hopefully at least a few of them were obstructed view seats.

Yesterday at AA

Chris McShane compared Matt Harvey's first seven starts this year to some of the greatest Mets pitching seasons of all-time. Spoiler Alert: He matches up well.

Amazin' Avenue Audio Episode 19 dropped yesterday. It features talk about Matt Harvey, Lucas Duda, Matt Harvey, the Mets bullpen, Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Matt Harvey, Yo La Tengo, Matt Harvey, and Matt Harvey.

The Mets were officially christened the Mets on This Date in Mets History. David Moseder has all the details.

And Joshua Ryan interviewed Mike Baxter and Ron Darling. Nice work if you can get it.

Around the NL East

The Phillies came back on Sergio Romo to force extra innings, but Andres Torres knocked a walk-off single in the tenth for the Giants. The Good Phight has all the details. Also at TGP, there is an entire storystream dedicated to Roy Halladay's shoulder. Because of course there is.

Jordan Zimmerman pitched a gem and the Nationals finally got one over on Anibal Sanchez.

In a battle of woefulness, the woeful Padres completed a three-game sweep of the woeful Marlins, who will be retunring home to a slightly smaller stadium.

And the Braves won their rubber game with the Reds behind a trio of dingers and a strong outing from Mike Minor.

Around MLB

Here's last night's scoreboard for your perusal. Of special note: Angel Hernandez is in the news again. Yep, probably not a good sign.

Dan Shaughnessy: Still the AT&T of sports columnists.

I've tweeted out some of these, but here's the complete archive of scouting reports in the Hall of Fame database. You didn't plan on getting any work done today, right?

Finally, Rob Neyer wonders if Ricky Romero was really ready for a MLB outing. Guess not, since he was sent back to the minors earlier this morning.