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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 23

If this were a normal week, this would be the Bernard Gilkey edition or something. This was not a normal week. Jeffrey and Chris talk about the Mets Red Wedding and where the 2013 club goes from here. Next, Jason Wojciechowski lends his legal insight to the ongoing Biogenesis affair and what it might mean for the Mets' Cesar Puello. Then, we answer your e-mails. Finally, Jeffrey wraps up the Josh Satin edition of the podcast with some necessary and topical Josh Satin talk.

Run Time: 1:41:23


0:00- 4:30: Intro / Jeffrey is giddy / Josh Satin uniform number history / Agenda

4:30- 43:52: Topical pop culture references! / 25-man roster talk / Where do the 2013 Mets go from here / What the heck are they doing with Murph? / What are the Mets trying to evaluate? / Wilmer Flores is probably not better than Daniel Murphy right now / What is Ike Davis? / Ike Davis vs. Mike Jacobs v. Mike Carp / Are we just killing time until free agency starts? / Why aren't Puello, Flores, and Leathersich up?

43:52- 1:20:05: Jason Wojciechowksi on Biogenesis / How is this all going to work / What does it mean for Cesar Puello / Jeffrey watched a lot of Law & Order in the 00's / Inevitable Tommy Milone talk

1:20:05- 1:41:23: Housekeeping / E-mail bag / Short-season players of note / Terry Collins, lame duck manager / STOP CARRYING SIX OUTFIELDERS / Jeffrey has some things to say about Josh Satin

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And tune in next week as Chris McShane fills in as host, and you get a merciful break from all the Josh Satin talk.