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Mets Morning News: Mets win baseball game, somehow planet keeps orbiting sun

In which the Mets employ a six-man rotation, we find some Josh Satin fantasy baseball advice, and something called a Clete Thomas bests the Phillies


Meet the Mets

For one night only, Foreigner the LAZER SHOW came to Citi Field. Sure, the Mets still can't get anyone on base, so it was just three solo home runs, but that was enough for Dillon Gee, who continued his run of good performances on the bump.

Despite the recent good work from Gee, Hefener, and Shaun Marcum, Zack Wheeler is still coming. Looks like Terry Collins will be able to put off any rotation decisions until after the Mets next road trip though.

If you were potentially getting excited about all that money coming off the books because it might let the Mets make a splash in offseason free agency, well...

For those of you that have been clamoring for Wallyball to come to Queens, Dave Lennon puts the kibosh on your hopes and dreams.

ESPN NY reports that first-round pick Dominic Smith is close to agreeing to a deal with the Mets. Adam Rubin thinks he will end up starting in the GCL, which is fine as long as he makes it to Kingsport by August 10th or so.

And finally, I just wanted you to know that we now live in a world where people think it is necessary to dispense Josh Satin fantasy baseball advice. On a related note, I was more nervous during Satin's meaningless pinch-hitting appearance than I have been since any Met at-bat since Game 162 2008. I might have a problem. HAIL? HAIL. HAIL!

Yesterday at AA

Alex Nelson's series of draft profiles rolled on. Check out his thoughts on RHP Ty Bashlor, SS Jeff McNeil, RHP Kevin McGowin, and RHP J.D. Leckenby.

You can also track all the Mets draft picks and when (or whether) they sign with Joshua Ryan's Draft Results Tracker.

Joe Sokolowski compiled the Week in Mets quotes.

And David Moseder looked back at...that game.

Around the NL East

Clete Thomas knocked four hits and led the Twins to their second straight win over the Phillies. I think Minnesota is just making up players now.

The Braves' struggles continued as well as they left San Diego without notching a single win.

Apparently Kevin Slowey's magic wears off when he isn't facing the Mets in a crazy-long extra-inning game.

The Nationals kept the rest of the NL East from going winless with a 5-1 win in Colorado.

Around MLB

Here's all of Wednesday's action in one handy dandy scoreboard.

Let's check in with Dickey! Eno Sarris interviewed R.A. Dickey about his health issues in 2013. You know, as much as the Dickey trade looks like a clear win for the Mets right now, I just can't root for the Dickster to struggle.

Andre Ethier has piqued the interest of several baseball teams. As long as exactly zero of those teams are the Mets, we're okay here.

The Rockies are close to signing their #3 overall pick, Jonathan Gray.

Dave Cameron constructs his NL All-Star team. Both David Wright and Matt Harvey make the cut.

And Booby Neyer wonders if Jack Z and co. are rushing Mike Zunino to save their own skin.