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It's spelled "Zack," not "Zach," Wheeler

Mets prospect Zachary Wheeler goes by "Zack," but several media outlets have been spelling it "Zach." We should spell it correctly.


Zachary Galifianakis goes by "Zach," Zachary Snyder goes by "Zack," and Zachary Efron goes by "Zac." Best I can tell, none is more correct than the others and is a matter of family or personal preference. Mets prospect Zachary Wheeler goes by "Zack," which is, therefore, how it should be spelled. His name is his name (language at link NSFW). However, several media outlets have struggled with the spelling of late:

Fox Sports


The Bergen Record


The Times (Trenton)


The Daily News


His given name isn't "Zackary," so the mistake is somewhat understandable. Still, people should get it right. Here's Amazin' Avenue's Michael Donato with a useful tip for remembering that it's "Zack" and not "Zach":

This has been Nitpicking With Amazin' Avenue.