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Vote for David Wright for the All-Star Game

The Mets' captain is more than deserving of a starting spot in the All-Star Game at Citi Field.


All-Star Game voting isn't on the top of my list of priorities. Sure, Major League Baseball forced meaning upon the game when it decided to determine home field advantage for the World Series by the outcome of the game, but it's still an exhibition contest that occurs while real baseball games take a brief vacation in early July.

But there's no reason David Wright should be trailing Pablo Sandoval in votes for the starting spot at third base in the National League. Among the league's everyday third basemen, Wright has been the best this year, and it's not particularly close.

Wright's .374 wOBA leads second-place Ryan Zimmerman by twenty-five points. He's stolen twelve bases and only been caught once, a big part of the reason he's been the most valuable baserunner among his peers by a wide margin. Defensive metrics peg him as a scratch defender at the hot corner this year, and he's looked at least a little bit better than that.

Last year, Sandoval won the popularity contest and started at third base, even though Wright was the superior player then, too. That shouldn't happen again this year, especially with the game taking place as the Mets' home.

Vote for David Wright because he deserves to start one game at Citi Field this year with a capable supporting cast.