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2013 Mets Draft Scouting Report: RHP Brent McMinn

In the 18th round, the Mets selected a wildcard in Nevada righty Brent McMinn. He can hit 97 on a radar gun and shows a good curveball, but he's barely pitched in games over the past three seasons, and when he has, it hasn't been pretty. If everything works out, he has the potential to be a key cog in a major league bullpen.

If you’re looking for a late-round sleeper Nevada’s Brent McMinn, the Mets’ 18th-round pick, might be it. An athletic 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds, McMinn has a live right arm, but there’s also plenty of uncertainty surrounding him--specifically that virtually no one has seen him pitch in games.

McMinn’s college career began at Pacific where he was a two-year player, also playing in right field. He appeared in just five games as a pitcher, three of them starts and had a 6.60 ERA. Desirous of more playing time, he transferred to Cisco Junior College before moving on to Nevada this season. Unfortunately, he threw just 6.2 innings this season, entirely because he just wasn’t good enough to warrant more playing time, and those 6.2 innings were disastrous. McMinn walked eight and struck out two.

What’s especially befuddling about the whole thing is that McMinn has an outstanding arm. He throws 94-97 with a curve that’ll flash above average. I haven’t seen him pitch, so I can’t offer much more than those vague reports, but you’d expect someone with that kind of stuff would force his way into the front end of a college bullpen. It speaks to a lack of command and possibly rough mechanics, though I’ll admit that the latter is just speculation on my part.

There’s some real upside here, and I’m glad the Mets have been able to sign him. If they feel he can learn to harness his raw stuff, there’s good reliever potential there. Watch him.