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2013 Mets Draft Scouting Report: RHP Cody Crouse

The Mets selected a tall, projectable righty from Florida's prep ranks in the 19th round. His present velocity is underwhelming with a fastball in the high 80s and a mediocre breaking ball, but if he can add strength and learn a power curve, he could be a mid-rotation starter.

Projection is what the Mets are looking at with 19th-round choice Cody Crouse, selected from a Florida high school. He’s 6 feet, 6 inches and 190 pounds, so there’s plenty of opportunity for additional growth, which is a good thing, because what he has now won’t cut it.

Crouse’s fastball typically sits in the high 80s, and he’s touched 91 with it, but the Mets are clearly hoping he can add some more velocity as his body continues to mature and he adds strength. His breaking stuff isn’t very inspiring either; he’ll throw a curve that has some good depth to it, but he throws it too soft, and it’ll take some doing to turn it into a consistently effective pitch. He also has some feel for a changeup.

Mechanically, I see a lot to like. He starts his momentum towards the plate early by drifting through his settling point, takes a long stride with room to stride a little further--kid’s got long limbs--and he has a clean arm action and a nice follow through. He’s very, very clean for a prep pitcher, though it might be a little too clean, if that makes any sense. There’s not a whole lot to fix, so you wonder how much potential is really there.

Crouse is committed to Florida International, which is not a commitment that’s typically difficult to buy a young pitcher out of, though Crouse has the potential to go much higher in the draft if he adds that velocity down the road and proves he can start. He seems like he wants to sign, but it’ll depend on how much the Mets have in the bank. He’s definitely an interesting prospect.