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2013 MLB Draft Scouting Report: RHP Dan Herrmann

The Mets picked up another tall, projectable righty with their 20th-round selection, Missouri high school pitcher Dan Herrmann. He tops out at 91 but may have room to add a little more, making him a potential back-of-the-rotation piece. He's already signed with the team.

Missouri high school product Dan Herrmann, the Mets’ 20th-round selection, sounds a lot like their 19th, Cody Crouse. Both are tall, projectable righties from the high school ranks who top out at 91 with their fastballs. That said, there are some slight differences that differentiate the two.

Herrmann has a little less room to grow than Crouse, at an inch shorter and 25 pounds heavier, so the ceiling is probably a little lower. Their present stuff is very, very similar; both sit 86-89 and top out at 91, and both throw curves. The reports on Herrmann’s curve are a little more positive, as scouts say it’s a tighter pitch that still needs a little more velocity. The changeup is not a factor right now, and he’ll need to learn one.

Mechanically, I prefer Crouse. Herrmann needs to become more consistent with his stride length and cut some length from his arm action, which is very long right now. The length in his arm action cause his arm to lag behind his stride, robbing him of velocity and putting too much stress on his shoulder. That said, it’s nice to see some obvious flaws to fix and coaches will have some material to work with.

The best news is that Herrmann, a Bradley commit, has already announces his intention to sign and should be joining the organization shortly. He’s raw, but he does have the potential to be a back-of-the-rotation guy in the future.