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Mets Morning News: The best-laid plans of Marmol and men, often go awry

In which bonesaw saves us all, Zack Wheeler is almost here, and we find out who's really clutch (hint: it's not Justin Turner).

Jason Szenes

Meet the Mets

I took a friend of mine to her first major league baseball game ever yesterday. She's from Louisville, so she dressed like she was going to the Derby for some reason, but otherwise we had a blast. She's also a huge college basketball fan (again, she's from Louisville), so remarked to me before the bottom of the ninth, that unlike in basketball, the Mets had no clock, so they just needed to load the bases and hit a grand slam. I replied that she obviously had not watched many Mets games this year.

Baseball is kind of crazy, you guys.

The Mets somehow won a game in which this happened and did it via a walkoff home run from a guy batting under .100 (which even my friend figured out was probably not very good). Jason Fry tried to make sense of it all over at Faith and Fear, but sometimes it's just baseball, man.

Carlos Torres made his Mets debut out of the bullpen and looked pretty okay. I still don't get the need for all the roster manipulation to make sure Carlos Torres stays in the org, but so far, so good.

Mark Simon has some walkoff-home-run-centric 'Metrics for you over at

And with Zack Wheeler set to make his much-anticipated debut for the Mets tomorrow, here's a look back at how some other famous Mets hurlers did in their debuts in blue and orange.

Yesterday at AA

Alex Nelson's draft profile series rolled on with the Mets 18th and 19th round picks, right-handed pitchers Brett McMinn and Cody Crouse.

Some guy named Eric Simon wrote about Bob Costas's disdain for the Mets walk-off celebration and brought you a GIF of the same. I didn't even know he still wrote for the site.

Brock Mahan looked back on LOLpens of the past. I'm guessing we could come up with a bullpen meltdown for every day in Mets history.

And it's not to late to contribute to Amazin' Avenue's annual pledge drive!

Around the NL East

The Phillies wrapped up their awful road trip in awful fashion.

The Marlins apparently got confused and thought they were playing the Mets this weekend.

Stephen Strasburg returned to the Nationals rotation, but was outdueled by Cory Kluber, because baseball. Meanwhile, Federal Baseball wonders if the Nats can fix Dan Haren.

And Julio Tehran turned in a nice outing against the suddenly scuffling San Francisco squad.

Around MLB

Here's all of Sunday's action in one handy dandy scoreboard. Of particular note: The NL West is shaping up to be a four-team race to the finish.

It's totally not suspicious that the Rays have suddenly decided that Wil Myers is ready for major league action. Totally not suspicious. Funny how Gerrit Cole and Zack Wheeler have both recently been deemed ready for the bigs as well.

FanGraphs thinks 'the bloom is off the rose' for Brett Lawrie. They also take a look at the weird way the Padres have climbed back into the NL West race.

Finally, The Hardball Times tries to determine who has been the clutchiest hitter since World War II. I am as shocked as you are that they didn't come up with Justin Turner.