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Mets GIF Of The Game: Matt Harvey throws to nobody

With a no-hitter on the line, Matt Harvey fielded Jason Heyward's infield chop and made a perfect toss to first base. Too bad nobody was covering the bag.

Scott Cunningham

As today's Mets game wore on and Matt Harvey completed hitless inning after hitless inning, I definitely had a sense that something special might be happening. Then in the bottom of the seventh, Jason Heyward chopped a grounder to the first base side of the mound. Harvey sprung to grab it and quickly tossed the ball to Nick Evans covering first base. Unfortunately for Harvey and the Mets — and, I suppose, Nick Evans — Evans doesn't exist in this or any known dimension, so Harvey's underhand throw sailed beyond the base as Heyward dove in safely for an infield single.

Angle #1

Angle #2

Angle #3

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