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Mets sign first-round draft pick Dominic Smith

The Mets have inked their first-round pick, 18-year-old first baseman Dominic Smith.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets and Dominic Smith, the first baseman they took with the 11th overall pick in Major League Baseball's Rule 4 draft, have come to terms on a $2.6 million deal, per Jim Callis of Baseball America. Smith, who just turned 18 years old this week, receives praise from Callis, who says he "might be [the] best all-around hitter" in this year's draft.

Like the deal the Mets reached with second-round pick Andrew Church, Smith's $2.6 million deal comes in under the slot value for the 11th overall pick, which was $2.84 million. With a draft pool cap of $6.99 million this year, the Mets once again saved themselves some space under the cap.

Alex Nelson wrote a scouting report of Smith shortly after he was drafted. Here's some of what he had to say:

In time, I expect him to become a guy who can hit for average and power, somewhere in the vicinity of a .280-.300 hitter with 25 dingers or so a year, provided he makes some adjustments. There’s a chance for better, especially considering that Smith is one of the draft’s youngest players, not turning 18 for another week or so. I don’t think I see superstar potential here, but there is enough to make me think that Smith should be a long-term, above average regular.