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Mets GIF Of The Game: Zack Wheeler debuts with seven strikeouts

Zack Wheeler struck out seven Braves in his first big league start. Here's what they looked like.

Scott Cunningham

Zack Wheeler made his highly anticipated debut for the Mets last night against the Braves in Atlanta, and while his command was off a bit and he had an early case of the jitters, he nevertheless struck out seven and kept the Braves off the board.

Here are his seven strikeout victims, followed by a GIF montage of said whiffers.

#1: Jason Heyward (1st)
#2: Brian McCann (2nd)
#3: Chris Johnson (2nd)
#4: Paul Maholm (2nd)
#5: Justin Upton (3rd)
#6: Paul Maholm (4th)
#7: Dan Uggla (6th)

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