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Mets Morning News: Happy Wheeler Day!

New York Mets-related news and links for June 25, 2013

Scott Cunningham

The Mets had Monday evening off, and I'd assume they used that time to watch one of the more exciting ends to an NHL season I've ever seen*. Zack Wheeler probably spent the evening preparing for his second major league start though, as he's set to face Chris Sale and the White Sox this evening.

*Presumably thinking happy thoughts involving Jason Bay and home runs

Faith and Fear checked in on a few former Mets, all of whom appeared on Las Vegas 51s baseball cards from last season. I had no idea that Ruben Gotay spent last year in Vegas.

Howard Megdal spent the off-day looking at a few numbers, specifically innings pitched at Double-A and Triple-A. He came up with rough timetables of when some prospects will reach 150 or so innings at that level, which is typically when the Mets begin to consider them for promotion.

Yesterday at AA

Monday is performance meter day at AA, and yesterday brought us updates for both pitchers and position players.

Seeing as it's Wheeler day today, we mad sure to tease you a bit with a PITCHf/x review of the rookie's first start.

Does Wheeler taking the mound bring back visions of Carlos Beltran patrolling center field? Good thing we've got some highlight-reel worthy Beltran fielding in .gif form for you this morning.

A Beltran .gif is good, but hopefully a Matt Harvey version made your day even better.

Finally, we looked back at Mets history on the day that Jerry Koosman recorded his 100th win.

Around Baseball

It was a quiet night for baseball, with only four games being played. Only one of them involved an NL East team, with the Phillies doing what the Phillies do best, losing.

The Blue Jays win streak came to an end last night, as Wil Myers and the Rays beat them 4-1. Myers would have looked nice in our outfield.

Speaking of rookie outfielders that look pretty good, Yasiel Puig was at it again yesterday.

In the only other game in the majors last night, Cleveland beat Baltimore 5-2.