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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 22

Episode 22 is the Amazin' Avenue draft preview. First, Jeffrey and Rob discuss the value of the 11th pick and how important it is to hit on those early picks. To that end, they also breakdown the Mets 2008 draft, so you might want to avert your ears. Then, Alex Nelson joins the podcast to take an in-depth look at some of the players that might be available at #11. Finally, Jeffrey flies solo on your e-mails, so God help us all. On the plus side, we kept it under two hours this week.

Run Time: 1:29:54 (phew)


0:00- 5:46: Jeffrey's Mets Dream Journal / AA Audio has gone off the grid / The Al Leiter Edition / Agenda

5:46- 24:57: Draft e-mail / The value of the 11th pick / Prospects versus draft picks / The danger of comparing draft classes / #MetsTwitter: Put away the pitchforks / Rob implores us to trust the process / If you start to complain about the Mets 2013 draft pick, maybe go here first / Bourn versus the 11th pick / Jeffrey screws up his popular culture reference for the week

24:57- 45:47: Cover their ears or put your small children to bed, it's time to discuss the Mets drafts under Omar! / Reviewing the 2008 draft / What happened to Havens and Holt / The rest of the draft just gets uglier from there / You have to get major league players out of the draft / The other drafts aren't much better / Lucking into Daniel Murphy / Rob crunched some numbers, avert your ears

45:47- 1:09:07: Alex Nelson on the 2013 draft / Alex has no idea who the Mets are going to pick / Projecting the 2013 draft / Who's not going to be there at #11 / Jeffrey continues indulging his anti-ginger bias / Is Austin Meadows a little Nimmoish? / The college bats: Renfroe and Peterson / How about Dominic Smith and Ryne Stanek? / Alex would go with Peterson / Jeffrey likes Reese McGuire, Alex demurs / Dark horse first round picks and guys to keep an eye on in future rounds

1:09:07- 1:29:54: Housekeeping / E-mail time / The 2012 draft and outfielders / Future bullpen help inside the system / Wright to first base? / Pedroia versus Tovar

As always, you can listen or subscribe to the podcast through iTUNES, find us on the stitcher app, listen through the embedded player below, or download the podcast at

And tune in next week as we go back to talking about the 2013 Mets, unfortunately.