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Baseball America chats Mets prospects

Technically, they chatted all sorts of prospects -- not just Mets. But they did mention some Mets prospects!

Wilmer Flores is batting .385 over his last ten games.
Wilmer Flores is batting .385 over his last ten games.
(Photo Credit: Bryan Green)

Baseball America released their Prospect Hot Sheet on Friday -- as they do every week -- and this one just happened to be chock full of oeey, gooey Mets goodness.

While no Mets prospect made the sheet proper, Las Vegas second baseman Wilmer Flores got one of the nods for the 'In the Team Photo' section. Here's what they had to say about the suddenly surging 21-year-old:

"If you focus on what Flores can’t do, you’ll have a pretty lengthy list. The 21-year-old can’t run. Because of his slow feet, he’s struggled to find a permanent position, which is why second base is his latest landing spot (after stints at shortstop and third base in the past). And while his power plays as a middle infielder, it may not be enough if he ends up at first base. But focusing on what he can do, the man can square up a baseball. Flores hit .406/.406/.625 this week for Triple-A Las Vegas, with another reminder that he could be a .300 hitter in the big leagues—if he can find a position."

Additionally, Ben Badler held a subsequent Prospect Hot Sheet chat. In it he answered a number of questions on Mets prospects:

Ryan (New York): Who has the highest ceiling from the Mets system out of Montero, Tapia, DeGrom and Mateo?

Ben Badler: Mateo if he can stay healthy has the highest ceiling, but Montero has the better chance to stick as a starter.

Interesting how much love Mateo's stuff has gotten early in 2013 despite the injury.

Jeff (CA): Do you see the Mets trading away Wilmer Flores?

Ben Badler: I have a hard time seeing how he'd fit in a deal, especially given that the Mets aren't in a position where they're likely to be trading away prospects. He's in a tough spot. He had so much success when he came into pro ball immediately as a 16-year-old that I think there's some prospect fatigue there, but he's still young and he's hit at every level, even if it came with some growing pains. The problem is the best position for him is third base, which isn't an option in that organization, because I don't second base working for him and with his speed, if you put him in left field I'm worried someone will hit a ground ball down the third base line for a triple.

Despite his initial statement, he sort of made the case for a trade. I guess it all depends on the industry's perception of the all-hit, no-glove Flores. You'd hope that something as superficial as 'prospect fatigue' wouldn't hurt his perceived value, but baseball executives are humans just like you or I.

brett (enola pa): hi ben..........with short season baseball right around the corner could you tell us a position player and starting pitcher prospect that plays for an NL team that could break out this year?....thanks brett

Ben Badler: Keep an eye on Giants RHP Keury Mella and Mets OF Vicente Lupo. Power stuff and a power bat.

Count BB among a long list of people excited to see what Lupo is going to do this year.

Cory (Indy): Better Raphael [sic] prospect - Montero or De Paula?

Ben Badler: DePaula

Boo. While both are dominating, Montero is five months older but on the verge of Triple-A while Depaula is in Low-A. The profiles are actually somewhat similar -- right down to the very late pro debut -- but I suppose it's fair to favor Depaula due to better projectability/higher ceiling.

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