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Mets Morning News: The transitive property of suck

In which it is better to sweep than be swept, Matt Harvey fails to appease the volcano BABIP god, and David Ortiz shows some #rig.

Steve Mitchell

Meet the Mets

Welp. #welp

You know, as bad as it was getting swept by the Marlins coming off the subway series sweep of the Yanks, it was made so much worse by Greg Dobbs setting off the stupid Lisa Frank sculpture. Jason Fry knows why.

Matt Harvey was kind of mediocre yesterday afternoon and has struggled a bit recently by his rather lofty standards. Mark Simon investigates why. Josh Smolow mentioned on the podcast recently that Matt Harvey was having an insane level of success on fastballs over the middle of the plate. Think the word is getting around to square up first-pitch fastballs. He's never been a guy that had or needed pinpoint fastball command, but now he might need to start tightening it up.

Ike Davis was one of the few Mets to have a good weekend in Miami, and it probably bought him a couple more weeks at the big league level.

Minor League Ball completed its community mock draft. The Mets ended up with Dominic Smith with their first round pick.

Yesterday at AA

Brock Mahan looked back on a very famous Mets first round pick. Poor, poor Generation K.

Around the NL East

If you are a masochist (and you're a Mets fan, so of course you are), you can check out the Fish Stripes recap of yesterday's game.

The Braves took the rubber game of their best-of-three with the Nationals, knocking Washington under .500. Check out the game recaps at Talking Chop and Federal Baseball. As the Nationals season continues to sputter in neutral, Bobby Neyer tries to figure out a quick fix.

The Phillies (mostly) rolled over the Brewers, thanks to the red-hot Domonic Brown.

Around MLB

Here's all of Sunday's action in one handy dandy scoreboard. Of particular note: David Ortiz produced a plus-plus bat flip after his home run against the Yankees.

Jeff Sullivan once again reviews the week in worst swings and worst pitches.

And The Hardball Times delves into WPA to see what it can tell us about the ebb and flow of a baseball game.