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Simply because this site doesn't have enough Leonard Cohen song parodies.

St. Patrick-worthy stained glass pose.
St. Patrick-worthy stained glass pose.
Steve Mitchell

I heard there was a breaking ball
That John Buck called and it pleased them all
But you don't really throw a change-up, do ya?
It goes like this, the four-pitch whiff,
The minor leagues, swings a major stick
The baffled NL mutters "Harvey-lujah"

Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah....

Pelfrey had tools, but they all went poof
Vineyard's gone, and we needed youth
So glad UNC never overthrew ya.
They signed you under Omar's glare
Doc Gooden's twitter K-count prepared
And from your clips I drew a, "Harvey-lujah"

Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah

Hyped prospects have been here before,
I saw Gen K, and Heilman's tour
We used to sign FAs before we knew ya
I've seen Lastings Milledge's career arch
But now fifth days are a victory march,
The fans sold and awoken: Harvey-lujah

Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah...

GKR and Sandy all know
The magic going on below
But Kevin doesn't play it up to ya.
Cause the slider moved in planes of two
And Pitch f/x orgasm'd over you
My days never bereft of "Harvey-lujah"

Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah

Maybe there's a God above
But all I learned from men with glove:
was how to swing at someone who out-threw ya
It's not someone who's Mike Hampton-lite,
Nor does he have Jason Phillips sight,
Our bold and (now) unbroken Harvey-lujah

Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah, Harvey-lujah