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Mets Morning News: Mets somehow score ten runs without playing five games at once

In which the Mets gives us MOAR RUNS PLZ, Stephen Strasburg is a victim of the book, and the White Sox and Mariners get weird.

The word.
The word.
Rob Carr

Meet the Mets

Yes Virginia, the Mets will win another game in 2013. Behind three home runs, including two from the suddenly Hairstonesque Marlon Byrd, the Mets trounced the struggling Nationals 10-1. Huzzah. And there is ore good news on the horizon, as Jon Niese is reportedly pain-free and will make his start on Saturday against the Fish.

It's not all good news, as the Biogenesis matter is currently looming large over Cesar Puello, though as Toby discusses, who knows what actually will come of all these leaks. If suspensions do rain down, Howard Megdal notes that it might be good news for the Mets crosstown rivals. Doesn't seem to be bother Puello, who hit another bomb last night for Binghamton, and is poised for a promotion in the next month or so.

Jared Diamond argued that the Mets needed to get their younger players more playing time, and then Juan Lagares went 3-5. Coincidence?

Jon Heyman took a look back at the process of drafting Matt Harvey in 2010. Sometimes you gotta trust the process, you guys.

And Greg Prince got to spend a few hours with Howie Rose this week.

Yesterday at AA

There were a whole bunch of draft profiles for you to check out.

And David Moseder looked back at the red wedding for Mets coaches. I think that's right. I don't watch Game of Thrones.

Around the NL East

Shockingly, Federal Baseball was not so thrilled with last night's turn of events. More bad news for the Nats, as Stephen Strasburg is headed to the DL.

Julio Tehran stymied the Pirates, holding them to just a single Brandon Inge hit.

The Phillies have finally figured out those pesky Marlins, completing a three-game sweep. See Mets, it's not that hard. Also, You can also check out the Fish Stripes take. The Good Phight has selfishly refused to offer a Rubinesque amnesty program for anyone who called Dom Brown a bust. Come on, taco pal, if Adam Rubin can forgive...

Around MLB

Here's all of Wednesday's action in one handy dandy scoreboard. Of particular note: DICKEY!!!!!!!!!! Also, the Mariners and White Sox game got a little nuts.

Today is MLB Draft Day, and while I have no idea why they continue to schedule the draft against a nearly full slate of baseball games, here's the rundown of how you can follow the action.

Eno Sarris looks into Matt Cain's 2013 struggles.

Bobby Neyer delves into baseball's rather large attendance drop this season.

And Law & Order has been off the air for a few years now, but somewhere there is a spec script being written around this Biogenesis craziness I'm sure.