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This Week In Mets Tweets

Recapping the very best in all things Mets Twitter.

This week in @Jay_HorwitzPR

If you havent noticed, Mets VP of Media Relations Jay Horwitz is something of an attention whore:

Uh huh.

To be honest that looks like more of a New York Giants hat. Nice 'stache though.


Wait, can this be true? I don't know whether to feel jealous or sorry for them. In any case, the better question is why must professional athletes get free stuff?

Here's one that I'm actually glad to see. Impart that second base wisdom, Fonzie!

Hang on Scott, help is on the way!

Not only is this very good news, it's also the best hashtag I've encountered since joining Twitter. Also, this:


All it takes is a few minutes to realize that the newly-signed David Aardsma is good at Twitter.

Garbage Men

Though the tweet was quickly deleted, props to @Collin_McHugh for tweeting the following directly after the final Subway Series game:

"You can call us the NYC Sanitation Dept. because we just SWEPT the yankees from Queens to the Bronx"

Paul LoDuca concurred:

Cross-checking is hard work


Viola and...Kate Upton?

How in God's name did Frank Viola end up on a Twitter thread with Kate Upton, PGA golfer JB Holmes, and Larry the Cable Guy? I honestly can't figure it out.

Fugu perhaps?

Weird fish?


From the Minors

Welcome, Dom!


I count prospect in that photo.

@LeatherRocket was pretty pumped for the jockey uniforms.

Had to grab that one from last fall.

Apparently Darin Gorski is the annoying grammar police in this system.

But he also saved a turtle, so give him a break!

Tweet of the Week

My question: Willie from Duck Dynasty's wife? (top row, second from right)

As always, join in on the fun using the Internet's most comprehensive list of Mets on Twitter!