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Mets to skip Matt Harvey's last start before All Star break

The move will allow Harvey to pitch in, and perhaps start, Tuesday's All-Star Game at Citi Field.

Matt Harvey in his most recent start against the Giants
Matt Harvey in his most recent start against the Giants

Matt Harvey had been scheduled to pitch Saturday in Pittsburgh in the Mets' penultimate game before the All-Star break. Instead he'll be given the day off, which will allow him to be rested and available when the mid-summer classic is played in Queens for the first time in fifty years.

Although Harvey gives the team its best chance to win against a tough Pirates squad, this works out nicely on a couple of fronts. The Mets' franchise will have the attention of the sports world for those three days, and can showcase one of baseball's brightest young stars on that national stage. Meanwhile, from a baseball point of view, Harvey has already thrown 130 innings this season, and the Mets intend to limit his workload in the second half. Saturday's game is as ideal a time as any to give him a break as the team eyes a 210-inning cap.

As for what Harvey will wear on his off day, well, I think we all know the answer to that.