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Mets Morning News: Prospect pair could start at Citi, Mets botch Native American Heritage day

New York Mets related news and links for July 12, 2013


The Mets will allow Matt Harvey to skip his scheduled start tomorrow in order to avoid running up his innings. They will, however, allow him to pitch in the All-Star Game at Citi Field, immediately giving the New York media some fodder for discussion.

While most fans will debate whether or not the Mets are making the right decision with Harvey, the club could potentially have both starters for the MLB Futures Game. The potential 2014 rotation is stacking up to be a very good (and very inexpensive) one, even if the Mets don't do a single thing to upgrade it.

Yesterday at AA

The Mets have been known for bungling PR issues for years, and though they've been doing a bit better in this regard of late, they definitely managed to make a mess of Native American Heritage night.

Maybe the Mets were wary of their history with the Braves when deciding to skirt the Native American heritage issue.

Here at AA, we aim not to upset anyone. With that in mind, we argued that the All-Star Game should count, and then immediately made an argument to the contrary. Everybody wins, even the Braves.

Our ongoing series of TRAID profiles continued yesterday with a pair of infielders. We looked at Ike Davis first, and then moved on to valuing Omar Quintanilla.

Around Baseball

There were a pair of games last night involving the Mets' NL East rivals, one of which involved a pair of them. The Phillies beat the Nationals by a 3-1 score, and pulled withing 1.5 games of the Nats.

The other divisional game featured the Braves extending their divisional lead, with NL final vote winner Freddie Freeman having a pretty nice game.

With Freeman winning the final vote, Yasiel Puig ended up missing out. Grant Brisbee is still waiting for Puig to have a slump, something I'm sure most Giants fans are eagerly awaiting.