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Amazin' Avenue's Mets GIF of the week

Keith Hernandez, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Hunter Pence, and some dude were the stars of Amazin' Avenue's GIFs this week. Vote for your favorite!

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Over at, Jon Bois has been doing excellent work with GIFs for a long time. We figured that now that we're generating Mets GIFs on a regular basis here at Amazin' Avenue, we'd borrow Jon's idea and start electing a GIF of the week. Here, then, are your inaugural candidates.

Keith Hernandez Book Slam

"Keith Hernandez has rules about trivia questions. One of those rules is that you can never look up the answer to a trivia question. Howie Rose tried to break that rule."

Kirk's Videobomb

No matter their record, it's good to see the Mets have fun. Whatever their inspiration, their work behind the camera as Jeremy Hefner was interviewed this week was fantastic.

Hunter Pence Falls Down

Arm Roll Dude

"Throughout Byrd's at-bat, some dude behind home plate was doing an arm-roll. Accounts differ on whether he looks more like Philip Seymour Hoffman or Wally Backman."

Voting ends at 11:00 pm EDT on Sunday, July 14.