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Mets' Jordany Valdespin reportedly called manager Terry Collins a cocksucker, demanded to be placed on disabled list

A late night tweet from reporter Mike Puma brought to light an alleged confrontation between Valdespin and the Mets' manager.

Steve Mitchell

We already knew that Jordany Valdespin didn't exactly like to do things by the book. The utility player has previously invited controversy during his Mets career by showboating during home run trots and by wearing the apparel of division rivals.

If this tweet from New York Post reporter Mike Puma is to believed, however, the latest Valdespin story will take the cake.

Puma doesn't say when this meeting happened, but we can guess from context that it probably had something to do with Valdespin's recent demotion to Triple-A Las Vegas. Obviously no player should call his manager a cocksucker, but if said player is batting .188/.250/.316 for the season and is struggling to find playing time, then that player really shouldn't call his manager a cocksucker.

It's not clear yet what the Mets will do in response to this story, but if Valdespin's behavior is deemed unacceptable enough to warrant a release, Adam Rubin says there will be tales to be told.

As they say in show business, get your popcorn ready.

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