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Mets Morning News: Cespedes wins Home Run Derby, Happy Harvey Day!

New York Mets related news and links for July 16, 2013

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It's going to be a shorter morning news than usual today, as there weren't any games on the schedule due to the All-Star break. There were a bunch of guys taking batting practice on national television, though, with one of the non-David Wright entries winning the 2013 Home Run Derby. TRAID!

In case you're one of those fans that doesn't enjoy watching the derby, Grant Brisbee has a few ideas on how we can make the event a little more exiting. Jeff Sullivan chimed in with a more serious suggestion, although I can't 100% guarantee that Brisbee was joking.

The showpiece event will take place on Fox tonight, with Matt Harvery (or something like that) starting for the National League. The lineups for both teams can be found here.

Not everything about the game this evening will be celebrations and cheering, as there are a number of local business owners planning to use the event as an opportunity to protest. There will also be all sorts of questions asked about the Biogenesis scandal, as the Home Run Derby would have surely reminded us all of the fact that big hitters must be cheaters.

Once the all-star game is over, the media focus around baseball will turn to the upcoming trade deadline. It looks as if the division rival Phillies may decide to become buyers and will be in the market for a center fielder. While that's not something the Mets really have available, I don't think anyone would be shocked if Ruben Amaro Jr. thought that Marlon Byrd was still capable of playing the position.