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Mets Morning News: Sigh, 36 more hours until more baseball.

In which Matt Harvey resembles a Brett Easton Ellis protagonist, Alex Rodriguez embraces the minor league life, and...well, not a whole heck of a lot else. Come back, baseball!


Meet the Mets

The day after the All-Star Game is a notoriously slow news day, but fortunately Men's Journal helped out with this feature on Matt Harvey. Unfortunately it portrays him as straight out of central casting for a Less than Zero remake, but news is news. Anyway, as long as he keeps doing this, he can do whatever he wants.

Greg Prince talks about My Signature Citi Field Day, 2013, his all-star experience, and also has a song for you. I continue to worry that the 2013 Mets have finally broken Greg and Jason.

For the glass-half-full crowd, ESPN's Mark Simon has five reasons to watch the Mets in the second half. Don't worry, he has the pessimists covered, as well.

Yesterday at AA

David Moseder looked back at Lee Mazzilli's only all-star appearance.

Eric Simon has lots more Harvey in our GIF of the game.

Chris McShane gave you your weekly dose of Meter Avenue.

And Rob Castellano dropped our midseason Top 25 Mets prospect list.

Around the NL East

Our sister blogs around the NL East have gotten reflective over the all-star break. The Good Phight contemplates what the Phillies should do at the trade deadline. Talking Chop considers the evolution of Jordan Walden. And Fish Stripes looks back at the first half of phenom Jose Fernandez.

Meanwhile, Federal Baseball spends its time tracking last year's first round pick Lucas Giolitio, a worthy endeavor.

Around MLB

The other big news of yesterday was Alex Rodriguez ate at Chipotle. No, really. Unsurprisingly, Ted Berg is on the case. A-Rod should be back in the Bronx sometime next week, at which point the media circus around him is only going to get larger. Yay!

Baseball Prospectus looks at nine storylines for the second half of the season in their Lineup Card.

Beyond the Box Score compares this trade deadline's best available arm, Matt Garza, to last year's.

Competitive Balance picks for the 2014 draft were awarded yesterday. Here's who got what, because it takes me too many words to explain the competitive balance picks, and I sound crazy in the process.

Hot off his appearance on this week's Amazin' Avenue Audio, Eno Sarris joins Carson Cistulli on FanGraphs Audio.

And finally, our friends at the mothership compose a ballad to the fan that ran on the field during the all-star game.