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Mets GIF Of The Game: Anthony Recker throws his bat, Cole Hamels stares wistfully, Bobby Parnell lawn dart

Bringing to life 21st-century baseball using 1990s technology.


Anthony Recker loses his bat

With one out and the bases loaded in the bottom of the first of this afternoon's Mets-Phillies game at Citi Field, the humidity — and Cole Hamels's changeup — got the best of Anthony Recker's batting gloves and his wild swing sent his bat twirling menacingly into the stands.

Here's the swing-and-release:

Hmm, that's pretty neat! But I wonder what it would look like in reverse.


Cole Hamels staring wistfully

After returning from commercial break for the top of the second, PIX11 caught Hamels staring wistfully into the distance in the Phillies dugout.

Now, can we get it with 50% more blinking?

Better, but still not quite enough blinking. Give us OCD-level blinking, please.

Got it! Mind you, the staring went on for a full ten seconds, and that's just what PIX11 managed to get before having to break away for the actual game. You can watch the director's cut here.

Bobby Parnell lawn dart

Facing Kevin Frandsen to lead off the ninth, Bobby Parnell threw an 0-1 lawn dart.

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