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Mets Morning News: A happy Harvey Day for all

In which Matt Harvey shoves, the Marlins may never score a run again, and we check in on lots of quadraceps.

Jim McIsaac

Meet the Mets

shove [ shuv ]

1. move something with force: to push somebody or something along or forward with force

2. push somebody or something roughly: to push somebody or something in a rude or careless way

3. push: a strong push

4. What Matt Harvey does when he pitches

The Mets invite Atlanta in for four this week. If they sweep, they will only be six back in the division, just sayin'. But if you want to bask in the Phillies series win a little while longer (and why wouldn't you?), Mark Simon has some Met'rics for your perusal.

Greg Prince sits in front of the same people at baseball games that I do apparently. Also, I enjoyed this piece immensely.

Just eleven days until the trade deadline, and Marlon Byrd continues to increase his value on the market. Yankees could use a right-handed bat (or any bat, really).

Justin Turner is expected to rejoin the Mets this week, perhaps as soon as tonight. Gonzalez Germen would have been the obvious choice to be optioned a week ago, but the rookie reliever has impressed in his brief stint with the big club.

Yesterday at AA

Brock Mahan celebrated David Wright's debut, which was nine years ago yesterday. In other news, the inexorable march of time continues, and you are getting old.

Around the NL East

If like me the tears of Phillies' fans sustains you, check out The Good Phight's recap of yesterday's game. Ruben Amaro does not appear to be taking it well either.

The Marlins did not score yesterday. The Marlins may never score again.

The Braves lost their rubber game with the White Sox. Yep, those White Sox.

And the Nationals were steamrolled by the red-hot Dodgers. Then after the game, Jayson Werth recieved his honorary doctorate from the Miguel Batista school of media relations.

Around MLB

Here's all of Sunday's action in one handy-dandy scoreboard. Of particular note: The Yankees/Red Sox Sunday night tilt ended approximately one hour ago.

The Yankees edition of "As the Quads Turn" rolls on into its second week. Jeter's is okay, but now A-Rod's is strained.

As we enter the dog days of summer, Rob Neyer looks at the most appealing matchups for the Fall Classic.

And finally, Jose Reyes got hit in the junk with a baseball.