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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 28

In the Bobby (J) Jones edition of the podcast, Jeffrey and Chris discuss some second-half storylines we'll be keeping an eye on if the Mets somehow don't manage to mount a furious climb back into the playoff race. Next, we talk about Jenrry Mejia's rehab start from Saturday and give you some general thoughts on the B-Mets. Finally, we answer your e-mails before getting sidedrained into a Cit Field food discussion.

Run Time: 1:16:30

0:00- 3:30: Introduction / Episode #Imwith28? / NLDS Game 4 was awesome, you guys / Bobby Jones is not Rick Reed, Chris

3:30- 14:20: All-Star week talk / Jeffrey fails at reporter stuff / Peter Gammons is a legend / Jeffrey's embarassing Klaw story / Dingers can be boring sometimes / But sometimes they are awesome / The Captain wins Chris some beer / The all-star game should be called by Vin Scully / Also, it should always feature Matt Harvey

14:20- 46:31: Second-half Mets storylines / What do the Mets do at the trade deadline? / Closers are fungible / Jeffrey reminisces about Hisanori Takahashi / Marlon Byrd kinda can't be a Met on August 1st / Is Eric Young, jr. for real? / Amazin' Avenue Audio has Ike Davis fatigue / At what point do you start playing the next group of kids? / Pitching prospects start out like Zack Wheeler, not like Matt Harvey

46:31- 1:03:37: Mets Prospect of the week / Hey, remember Jenrry Mejia? / Jeffrey pretends he knows nothing about Jenrry Mejia / How bout that Cesar Puello? / Jeffrey sees a lot of (too much?) Scott Hairston in Puello / Minor league wins really don't tell you much about the system

1:03:37- 1:16:30: Houskeeping / E-mail segment / Choose your own lineup / Citi Field food talk / Outro

As always, you can listen or subscribe to the podcast through iTUNES, find us on the stitcher app, listen through the embedded player below, or download the podcast at

And tune in next week when Rob Castellano rejoins the podcast and we bicker about prospects.