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Mets GIF Of The Game: David Wright hops, Eric Young jukes, and John Buck throws in the towel


David Wright's hop, skip, and a jump

In the top of the ninth inning of last night's Mets-Braves game at Citi Field, Dan Uggla tapped a grounder to David Wright, who fielded it a dozen-or-so feet behind the bag. Wright raced to third to record the first out of the inning and then gleefully leapt to avoid Uggla's slide.

Eric Young's juke-and-dive

In the bottom of the first, Eric Young got picked off first base, though let it not be said that he didn't give maximum effort in trying to elude Freddie Freeman's tag.

John Buck throws in the towel

After Jason Heyward's stupid game-saving catch with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, SNY showed John Buck's look of resignation in the dugout.

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