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Shaun Marcum placed on waivers, to be released by Mets

The Mets' big offseason pitching acquisition is about to be released.

Tom Lynn

News broke this afternoon, via the Mets' official Twitter feed, that Shaun Marcum has been placed on waivers for the purpose of granting him his unconditional release. From the Twitter:

Marcum, who the team signed to a one-year, $4 million free agent contract this offseason, has been off-and-on this season for the Mets. While Shaun has been battling arm issues all season long, he was recently diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome -- the same injury that shelved Chris Carpenter recently -- and was due to miss the rest of the season after surgery.

Injury issues have been the one consistent factor for Marcum ... well, that and a propensity to take a loss. His record on the season is a dismal one win to 10 losses, and he sports a seasonal ERA of 5.29 over 78 and one-third innings of work.

At the same time, his peripheral numbers tell a slightly different, slightly more hopeful story. Marcum was the victim of a surprisingly low strand rate (61.9%), a high batting average on balls in play (.322), and posted a Fielding Independent Pitching mark of 3.63 -- a number that is usually more associated with a much more effective starter.

Nevertheless, Marcum won't have a chance to see an improvement in a Mets uniform -- even if he were to make a quick recovery from surgery.