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Amazin' Avenue's Mets GIF of the week

Over the past two weeks, Mets broadcasts have provided us with several noteworthy GIFs. Vote for your favorite!

Mr. Met wants you to vote for your favorite GIF.
Mr. Met wants you to vote for your favorite GIF.

It's the second installment of the Amazin' Avenue GIF vote. Last time around, Kirk's Videobomb won in a landslide. Here are this week's nominees.

Pirates Fan Tumbles

"That fan's ball-chasing instincts took over instantly, and he leapt-slash-fell over the safety railing in pursuit of a slightly used $18 baseball."

Cole Hamels Staring Wistfully

"After returning from commercial break for the top of the second, PIX11 caught Hamels staring wistfully into the distance in the Phillies dugout."

Eric Young's Juke-and-Dive

"In the bottom of the first, Eric Young got picked off first base, though let it not be said that he didn't give maximum effort in trying to elude Freddie Freeman's tag."

Mr. Met Fist-Bumping Chewbacca

"Not much to add here."

Fans React Goofily

"Not to be outdone, fans in the left field stands had their own reactions to the play, which SNY was kind enough to show in super-slow-motion replay."

Vote now! Like last time, voting will close at 11:00 pm EDT on Sunday.