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This Week In Mets Quotes: Josh Satin's approach is good, the Mets have no bona fide position player prospects, and more

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Sounds about right.

"My favorite baseball team is the New York Mets. *school children boo* See, now, these are probably Yankees fans, right, that are booing. Are those Yankees fans that are booing? OK, here's what I don't understand about Yankees fans: The Mets stink. We're awful. And the Yankees are usually really good. So why do you boo us? You should feel badly for us. We root for this awful team that never wins and yet the Yankees fans boo us. I don't understand that." Chris Christie [ESPN]

Hail Satin, amirite?

"[Josh Satin’s] at-bats have been outstanding. He's drawing bases on balls. He's working counts. He's getting hits. So I want to get him in there. From his brief time here so far I think he deserves an opportunity against left-handed pitching to get in the lineup." Terry Collins [ESPN]

TC continued, "Can he regain it? Will he retain it? Or will I grow to disdain it?"

"I think that was some of the thought process: [Ike Davis] got hot. That's great. Can he maintain it? Can he sustain it?" Terry Collins [ESPN]

It’s a nice point, but I'm pretty sure our pitchers see our hitters like ‘a necessary evil.’

"If you have that fraternity, if you get that feeling that you're all brothers in this thing, it's as good as it gets as far as being in a team sport. Hitters look at pitchers like a necessary evil. You're like a separate element on the team, so it makes you become close. There's nothing worse than being on a team -- a bad team -- and you've got some guys in the rotation that they're all for them. And on the day you're pitching, they don't [care]. We'd be on the bench cheering a guy on when it was his day, and making sure that, hey, I'm here for you." Ron Darling [Newsday]

Sorry, Travis d’Arnaud, Wilmer Flores and Cesar Puello, you’re not bona fide.

"The Mets are loaded with pitching prospects but have zero bona fide position prospects, and while the Yankees have a couple of position prospects, especially catchers, down low, I didn’t see any potential impact players in their system either. They’re both in big trouble as far as filling their needs from within." A veteran National League scout, who has spent much of the last two months evaluating other teams’ minor-league talent [Newsday]

David’s quotes have become much more fiery this season.

"There"s no moral victories in the big leagues. There's wins and losses. It's cut and dry. Today sucked, but hopefully we play better tomorrow. We can't get down that much and expect to continue to come back and make these games close, because we’re not built to be coming back from six down with nine outs left." David Wright [ESPN]

Thoughts about the offense, David?

"It worked out pretty good for about five minutes." David Wright [ESPN]

As captain of the NL HR derby team, Wright should pick Howard, have Gee throw BP to guarantee the NL wins home field advantage in the World Series or whatever.

"That guy definitely has me. It seems like no matter where I throw it, [Ryan Howard] hits it out of the ballpark." Dillon Gee [ESPN]

"[Dillon Gee] knows Ryan Howard kills him. He just can’t give him balls to hit. You’ve really got to almost pitch around him and let somebody else beat you." Terry Collins [ESPN]

Right he should be getting homers for balls…wait, what?

"This guy hit two homers on fastballs, and he shouldn’t be getting homers for strikes." Dan Warthen [ESPN]

Flushing, we go hard.

"Right off the bat, I just tried to go hard. I go hard to every ball, but I knew that one was over my head. I just tried to go with everything I've got." Juan Lagares [ESPN]

It’s been a rough year for Mets pitchers watching their OF try to make plays.

"I was holding my breath the whole time. Juan Lagares is an unbelievable athlete. I watched him a little bit in spring training. I didn't get a good feel for what kind of athlete he is. To get to watch him pretty much every day, it's exciting, because he's a good player. The bat is coming around, and it's exciting." Jeremy Hefner [ESPN]

It’s been a rough year for Mets managers watching their OF try to make plays.

"It changes a lot when you've got a center fielder who can go get it in center field. When Juan first got here, he played a little deeper than he is right now. I think he's getting more comfortable with playing here. He realizes, these guys, even though they're big and strong, there's going to be more balls that land in front of you instead of over your head. So he has moved in quite a bit." Terry Collins [ESPN]

So I guess last April/May wasn’t a ‘real’ struggle for Ike.

"I see a young man that's lost his confidence. And I see a young man that's kind of searching right now. I'm confident he'll find himself. He always has. This is probably his first struggle ever -- like real struggle, sent down and 'you're not good enough right now, Ike.' That's probably his first time he's ever faced this. So you can't underestimate, as we all know, what you go through, the pain that he feels right now and the fears that he has. I'd like to do anything I could to help him find his best self -- find how he can take this pain on and feel it and then move on from there. I think he will." Ike’s former manager Pat Murphy [ESPN]

It was a cute moment.

"I was just asking [Zack Wheeler] how he felt and if he was nervous or not. He said he wasn't nervous and then they were spraying the ball everywhere. So I just told him that he was a liar, that he looked nervous. It was cool. It's cool to see anybody make their major league debut, but when you have those kind of expectations and you're as highly touted as he is, to come in and live up to those expectations and be as cool and calm and collected as he was is pretty cool to see." David Wright [ESPN]

It would’ve been a cute moment, what a cute debut…what, no one else thought so?

"I didn't look at [good friend Jason Heyward.] I usually stare at people when they come into the box. But I didn't look at him because I didn't want to laugh or anything, because he's a jokester."

Requisite response to Bob Costas: It was a good showing, the ending was a bit iffy but the gist of it was there.

"Show me a team that has a walk-off home run that they don't celebrate. Show me one. I've seen the Yankees do it. I've seen the Cardinals do it. I've seen the Los Angeles Dodgers do it. Everybody is excited, and especially when you have a young guy like Kirk [Nieuwenhuis] come up and do it in that situation. We're down three runs. It seemed like we hadn't won a game in a week. All right, civilization is over. We'll have to rebuild. We're starting today." Terry Collins [ESPN]

AA Quotes of the Week

""A FROSTY TALL CAN" is what he’d like to tilt back with the ump later. he was just inviting him to have a beer with him, you guys." Lip reader Kendynamo [AA GIF]