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Mets GIF Of The Game: Quintanilla's grab, Harvey's WOW face, Prado's ball stomp

A bevy of animated goodness from last night's Mets-Diamondbacks game at Citi Field.


In the top of the fourth inning of last night's Mets-Diamondbacks game at Citi Field, Cody Ross came to the plate with Martin Prado on first and two outs. Matt Harvey induced a grounder to shortstop, whereafter Omar Quintanilla took care of the rest.

Angle #1

Angle #2

Harvey was sure to let his shortstop know what he thought of the play. Feel free to use this GIF whenever the situation calls for it.

And finally, in the bottom of the first, Eric Young, Jr. led off with a slow-roller to third base which Martin Prado couldn't quite handle. Martin Prado was angry at himself for failing to make the play. Martin Prado took his anger out on the baseball.

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